Elf On A Shelf Idea #1 – Sleepy Elf On A Shelf


Our Elf On A Shelf had a very tough day his first day on the job.  Poor Kiddle had no idea how hard being a scout elf was until he got assigned to my two rambunctious boys.  Kiddle needed somewhere comfortable to rest, so he made a bed out of a cloth napkin.  He snuggled up in a sock and used a marshmallow as a pillow.  Kiddle also managed to borrow a small teddy bear from my youngest to use as a sleep buddy.  He had to use a sleeping mask because he was in the living room and knew we’d turn the lights on.  Kiddle cut up one of my cloth napkins to make his sleeping mask. Naughty Kiddle!!!

Since Kiddle was so glad to be our Elf On The Shelf, he brought the boys each an advent calendar and snitched a couple pieces of chocolate since we were a couple days behind in our countdown.  He did leave a note telling the boys it was good though.kiddle night 1

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