Elf On The Shelf Idea #7 – I mustache you a question


mustache elfKiddle, Our Elf On The Shelf , was all tuckered out from cheering for the falcons….and sulking a bit because of their loss to be honest.  He decided to take a nap in a polka dotted Christmas hammock (made from a scarf tied between the Christmas tree and end table) and he put on a fake mustache because he was hiding.  He was hoping the Grinch wouldn’t see him and wanted to catch the boys doing something wrong….he really is in a bad mood about the Falcons.

This morning when Chrystian found him it was too cute!  He did have a hard time seeing Kiddle because he was in a dark corner and the mustache threw him off.  What can I say, my baby is not a morning person.

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