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If you’re looking for a full review of Snow Mountain At Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, then you’re at the right place.  My family visited for the first time on November 29, 2013…..yep, that’s right, we went on black Friday rather than shopping! Overall we had a wonderful time with our family and I’d recommend Snow Mountain to anyone who wants to give their kids a chance to experience playing in the snow, but there were a few things we wish we’d have known.  Below I’ll give a full review of different areas and give you some much needed information to have the best time possible with your family.

Snow Mountain Staff – The Best!

The staff really made the experience wonderful.  They were helpful and extremely polite.  You can tell the park puts an emphasis on attitude because it  showed….or maybe it’s being able to test the sledding before work that makes them all smiles.  (If you’re there for the earliest tubing time, you can watch them test if you get there a few minutes early, my kids loved watching and I think it helped my 6 year old get more comfortable. )  Thank you all of the staff at Snow Mountain for your excellent attitude, you make the experience so much better.

What To Wear To Snow Mountain At Stone Mountain

  •  The temperature will dictate the amount of layers you wear, but layer your clothing.  We went on a great day and it warmed up quickly.  We dressed in layers and had to take some off after a few minutes of tubing. 
  • Wear 2 pair of socks.
  • Wear gloves to play in the snow with, even parents.  Your kids will want you to play…believe me.
  • Adults should wear work boots or hiking boots if you have them (or winter boots if you’ll wear them again).  Kids should wear rubber boots if you won’t be in snow often. My husband wore work boots and me and the kids wore tennis shoes.  Both are doable, but boots are better.  I wish my kids would have worn boots.
  • Wear jeans and long johns, leggings, or some other type of stretchy pant beneath especially if you plan on playing in the snow area.
  • I don’t suggest scarfs because you have to take them off to go up the moving sidewalk to get to the top of the tubing hill and then put them back on to go down and it’s really not worth all the trouble.
  • Guys, don’t wear caps if you’re tubing because you have to take them off and stick them in your sled so they really don’t do you any good.  I’d wear a regular winter hat if you want to wear a hat.

What To Bring To Snow Mountain

  • Bring a change of clothes for everyone including underwear and socks (our kids got soaked, even their underwear).
  • Bring a change of shoes also.
  • Everything to play in the snow with is provided.

Additional Information

You have to wear Tickets

When you get to the ticket window (located very near the ride the ducks ride) you’ll get a ticket for each person and a zip tie.  You must zip tie your ticket you you somewhere such as a zipper, belt loop, or shoe lace.  I’d highly recommend a belt loop rather than zipper so you can remove layers without a hassle.

Get Small Kids Measured Just Inside The Gate Right Past The Ticket Booth

Small kids will have to be measured with their height put on their ticket.  To save time and make things easier, get this done just inside the gate once you pick up the tickets.  There will be a staff member right behind the ticket booth and there is a measuring stick on the back wall of the ticket booth where you can get this done.  If you don’t  get little ones measured there, you’ll have to at the entrance of the tubing or snow area…..and you don’t want to have to deal with that their.

Meals At The Park

You can buy lunch at the park at the Snow Deck, or you can do like us and bring a picnic.  We went to the parking lot and ate a picnic lunch in the mini van, but you can drive to one of the several picnic areas.  We just wanted to get back to the playing, so we kept it simple.  I don’t know how much the food is at the snow deck, but the cost of a smores kit at snowfire point (enough for 2 smores) was $5.50 and hot cocoa was over $3 bucks.  It all depends on your finances and individual needs/wants if the prices are worth it.  We had turkey sandwiches since we went the day after thanksgiving.

Locker Rentals

Lockers ate $5 for large, $3 for small.


Different Areas Of Snow Mountain At Stone Mountain


Avalanche Alley And Tube Runners are the two tubing choices.  Avalanche Alley is the family tube and you can seat 3-5 people in them.  These are faster than the single tubes and our whole family enjoyed this. My husband, myself, and our 6 year old rode this 3 times before my 6 year old was ready to try single tubing.  Once he tried tubing alone he loved it. My 13 year old did his own thing  after family tubing once with us and he loved it…he did do one more family tubing toward the end of our time though. Single tubes look like this.

There are lines, but they go pretty fast.   Music is playing in the park, and it makes it a more fun environment….at  least for us it did.  There is a moving sidewalk that takes you to the top of the sledding hill after you get your tube, and if you’re family tubing you don’t have to take the tube up.

Family tubing was our favorite part of our trip.

Snow Play Areas

  • Little Angels – There is a place for young kids to sled here as well as a carnival type ride that pulls the tubes around in a circle called the Snow Go Round.  Max height for this area is 42″ and is designed for ages 3 and under.  It is not completely separate from the other snow area, but separate enough. 
  • Snow Zone –   There are snowball targets, snow machine, a small fort with a couple tunnels, and space to build a snowman or fort.  We thought it would be more separate, but it’s not.   You just grab a snow mold to build a  fort or bucket and shovel and find a place to play….or you can find a hat and scarf for your snow man.  They have these little plastic pieces to make noses,eyes, and arms.  We used a hot dog hat for one snowman and a spiked hat for another.  My oldest built a wall around our snowman.  My youngest loved the snowball range. Bringing a bucket of snow to the snow range is helpful and have a shovel handy to loosen snow to make snowballs.   The snow isn’t powdery enough to roll a snowman, so you have to pack it and shape it the best you can.  Also, do not let young kids get under the snow coming out of the snow machine…it will hurt.  You may think it looks fun, but it’s not. Tip: Snow accumulates by the fence below the snow machine so after it goes through a cycle you can get a bucket and shovel and scoop some up to make your snow man.  Some people were even packing the snow in buckets and making bucket shaped snowmen instead of round balls.  I saw one that was 4 buckets high!

Snow Fire Point

This was probably the most disappointing area.  This could have been so good, but it was poorly executed in my opinion.  The site shows a picture of a couple roasting marshmallows over a fire pit….um, not happening.  There of several big green eggs ceramic grills  with a stone wall surrounding it, and you roast marshmallows over the big green eggs.  This is fine, it works, it’s fun, the kids enjoyed the smores, but at least show the truth on your website.  That’s the only thing that really ticked me off….just tell me what to expect.  The smore kits were $5.50 per smore kit and it was enough for 2 smores plus 2 extra marshmallows.  Our kids split one.  hot chocolate was over $3 (3.75 I think)  and we passed on that.  Bottled water was $3.25 in the park.

familyMy Family Ratings

Mine:  4.5 stars because of the snowfire point being misleading and price of ticket, I’d also like to see the play area improved and expanded.

Hubby: 3 stars because of value for price.  He based his review on what it could be.  He’d like to see the snow play area expanded and improved, but he enjoyed the trip and experience.

6 year old son: 5 stars, he had a blast.

13 year old son:  (to come because he’s alseep at the moment   lol)

If you choose to visit Snow Mountain, I wish you the best of times.  Remember to reserve your ticket in advance so you can get the time slot for sledding that you want.

Note: The only picture we took was one before we left the house because we didn’t want to have to keep up with the camera….next time we go I’ll take some pics and then store the camera in a locker.  We just chose to enjoy the experience with our kids.

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