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Monopoly the Walking Dead Survival Edition

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game is a great gift for a fan of The Walking Dead or a zombie fan. I know this is one of the top items on my own Christmas list this year.

I completely flipped out when I heard about The Walking Dead Monopoly game. I can’t wait to play it. And yes, I do plan to play it rather than save it as a collectible, but you can do either. As my 14 year old says all the time , “Don’t Judge Me”.

The Walking Dead started with a comic book series that has quite the following, and has become even more successful as a TV series. A&E sure got this one right! As a fan of the show, I can tell you that fans of The Walking Dead are loyal. Some are loyal to the Comics and some are loyal to the show. Then there are die hard Walking Dead Comic fans turned loyal fans of the show. No matter what your preferences, The Walking Dead is awesome.

Even though the plot of a Zombie Apocalypse is so far removed from real that it’s rediculous, the show seems real. The characters are so realistic in their development and in their relationships, that they make it possible to believe the story. It’s easy to become emotionally invested in the Characters of The Walking Dead, especially my favorites, Daryl, Carol, and Beth.

Walking Dead Monopoly

Monopoly the Walking Dead Survival EditionMonopoly The Walking Dead

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