Valentine’s Gift Baskets For Her


Baskets Cuddles and Kisses Chocolate Truffle Spa Set with Sweets and Teddy Bear Here you’ll find some beautiful Valentine’s Gift Baskets For Her.  Does she like traditional, Valentine’s themed gifts?  Does she love chocolate, coffee, or tea?  Does she enjoy a relaxing bath?  Or is she the type that loves to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie with you?  No matter what she enjoys, you’re sure to find the perfect gift basket below.

My favorites are the chocolate, coffee, and movie night gift baskets.  You just can’t go wrong with chocolate. Period.  Flavored coffees are a special treat I enjoy, and many coffee lovers adore coffee samplers.  For Valentine’s Day, I love the idea of a date night with a special movie basket of treats to share.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are things that make the person receiving them feel special, and gift baskets are a great way to make anyone feel special.  Will you choose a Valentine’s themed basket or will you choose a themed basket related to a special interest of the lady you’re shopping for?

Valentine’s Gift Baskets

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweet Love Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Treats Gift Box SetArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Valentines Treasures Gift Basket with Teddy BearArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets My Darling Valentine Chocolate and Candy Gift Set

Naughty Gift Baskets

Being a couple is all about loving each other and showing that love every day.  It can be done in sweet ways, playful ways, intimate ways…..and then there’s the place where all of these things collide in one perfect naughty gift basket…or two in this case.  Who says love has to be serious all the time, why not have fun as a couple?

Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift BasketNaughty Surprise Gift Basket with stuffed devil

Bath Gift Baskets

There are few things more special than a nice long bath with the perfect bath products.  Bubble bath, candles, soaps, sprays….all of it makes women (and men when they admit it) feel special, loved, and relaxed.  An added bonus would be to wash her hair for her or give her a post bath massage.

French Vanilla Bath Gift Set in 190ml shower gel,190ml bubble bathSpa-in-a-Basket beautiful and great for valentines daySpicy Warm Vanilla Spa Bath Body Bamboo Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Baskets

I don’t think you can go wrong with Godiva Chocolate. Period.  End of story. Godiva Dark Chocolate Gift BasketArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Godiva Gold Chocolate Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee gift baskets have a feeling of luxury, of comfort, and of being appreciated.  These gift baskets would make your lady feel loved, no doubt, but you could make it even more special with the presentation.  How about greeting her with the basket along with a cup of coffee you’ve lovingly brewed for her.  Or you could cook her breakfast and present it then.  It would be a wonderful way to start Valentine’s Day.  You could also pair this with a beautiful coffee cup for her.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Lovers Care package Gift BoxArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Caddy with TreatsArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Connoisseur Gourmet Food Basket

Movie Night Gift Baskets

Quality time is an important in any relationship and many couples enjoy watching movies together.  If you enjoy movie night, stocking up on some of your lady’s favorite movies and presenting her with one of these baskets will make Valentine’s Day one to remember.  Don’t forget the cuddles!

Gift Basket with 10.00 Redbox Gift CardRed Box Movie Rental Snack Gift Box

Tea Gift Baskets

If your lady loves tea, one of these tea gift baskets could make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for her.  Any of these will make her feel special.  Try pairing one of these baskets with a beautiful tea cup set, serving tray, or teapot.  Join her for a cup or keep her company to make for a special evening.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets You’re My Cup of Tea and Treats Gift BasketWISSOTZKY Magic Tea Box, 80-CountArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Victorian Lace Tea, Spa and Treats Gift Chest with Clock

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